Gas Detector: Your Complete Safety Partner

Gas detector is used in industries and homes for spotting the presence of those harmful gases which can affect human being’s health. Several major industries make use of gases and substances that could be noxious in large quantities at home or the work place.


They should be monitored carefully to make sure that they do not leak and become a reason of any kind of damage. Gas detector is used in the congested spaces like mine shafts for detecting the levels of oxygen and warns the workers in the case of reaching extremely low levels. Because of their capability of continuously monitor the quality of air, they work quicker and faster than conventional smoke alarms. They can also use for detecting fire.

Unlike gas detectors, flue gas analyzer plays a vital role in field of ‘Environmental Chemistry’ today. The flue gas is byproduct of high temperature ignition boilers which is used in refining and cracking. SKZ Industries is a well-known name is the field of manufacturing these safety items and making their clients and customers completely satisfied with their products and services. Several other devices that made by SKZ Industries are gloss meter and haze meter.
Gloss meter, surprisingly enough, is a device which measures the gloss factor of several surfaces. Things like as how much reflection is given out by a particular surface & how light is spread, reflected and scattered through various surfaces. Haze Meter is a device which measures the haze value of an object which is ratio of diffused light versus total light that goes away through the object. For more such products you can take the service of SKZ which is a trusted name in the market.


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