Get Hi-Tech and Accurate Moisture Meter, Gas Analyzers and Tensile Strength Tester Here

SKZ Industries deals with a wide range of industry products which are very useful in performing several tasks. Their chief products are Tensile Strength Tester, testing instrument for paper, textile, and liquid, cardboard, plastic, rubber and pulps, Gas Analyzer, thermal analysis, moisture meter etc.

Their continuous flue gas analyzer is water proof and sturdy. They’re able to work in varying temperatures from minimum -22oF to over maximum100oF having the proper weather package selections. They can be modified also with more filtration devices to get improved sample quality.

SKZ gas analyzers use trusted high-volume pumps for fast analysis times. In their stack gas analyzer, the sensors and detectors can reach 90% of the total reading in not more than 20-30 seconds in most of the cases.

SKZ also brings an extensive range of digital Moisture Meter that feature fast and accurate moisture analysis for variety of things including seeds, vegetables, fruits, wood & non-wood and many more. Their range comprises full line of pin-less and pin moisture meters, packages and associated accessories.

Each moisture meter kit supplied by SKZ is delivered with complete set of needed accessories, standard & spare-moisture measurement dashes, carrying case battery and operation manuals, etc.

They also deal with top quality tearing strength testers. This apparatus is accurate, high quality and low-cost tear testing falling pendulum instruments having analog display for determining the average force. This force is required for propagation of single-rip tongue-type tearing starting from a simple cut in paper, woven and non-woven, cardboard, plastics with the proper configuration. For more such useful instrument you can rely on the name of SKZ Industries, a leading brand in China and other Asian countries.


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