A Wide Range of Quality Industrial Equipment to Choose From

The Gas Analyzer allows the extent and measurement of the respiratory gas concentration absorptions from tiny insects to humans. It has an infrared CO2 sensor with an optical oxygen detector.

Gas analyzers, detectors and sensors are safety equipment used in the commercial, medical, industrial and many other industries. Normally, such devices play main role in offering life safety & to avoid fire break-outs by uninterruptedly monitoring and analyzing the concentration of toxic gases in several end user industries. Therefore, gas analyzers are used for the measurement and monitoringof the concentration as well as quantity of single / multi gases in the combination of gases, thus providing sufficient safety to the life. Based on several working principle technology, these devices are classified into Catalytic, Zirconia, Electrochemical, and Infrared, metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS), Electrochemical, Infrared, Photo Ionization Detection (PID) etc. Each of these technologies has its own exceptional features having respective application and detection range. Demand for such devices is prejudiced by growing awareness of combustible and poisonous gases in environment as well as government regulations to offer human safety.

Along with gas analyzers, SKZ industrial offers a wide range of moisturemeter and crush tester. These apparatus are very helpful in industrial purposes. SKZ is carved a position as a prominent organization to offer superior quality range of Crush Tester. They are used for checking the leaks and cracks of desired machine / device and are manufactured making use of best quality components by the dexterous workforce. To maintain their compliance with global norms of quality, these devicesare meticulously checked by the quality auditors. Moreover, SKZ Industrial offers this Crush Tester in several technical specifications for their esteemed customers to choose from.


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