Buy Gas Analyzer, Moisture Meter and Crush Tester Here

A reliable Moisture Meter is pre-requisite for the good storage. From several moisture meters available in the market, SKZ Industrial has selected “crush type” Moisture Meter that can handle most ordinary commodities like as paddy, coffee and corn.

This handheld device gives accurate readouts of the moisture levels for several types of grains in few seconds. Hence, this Moisture Meter helps the users to determine if the precise commodity is at required moisture level. This apparatus comes in very handy case & is a very reliable instrument to measure moisture whilst out on the field. It is very portable and has temperature compensation. It has electrical resistance method. The measurements obtained are easy, fast and accurate.

The Crush Tester offered by the company determines compression strength of the corrugated board, its components & small packages for the quality control along with R&D. Used as separate unit; the Crush Tester is operated through a given intuitive menu. Data that is obtained can be viewed on the LCD directly or can be transferred to local printer / host PC through serial or parallel output. It is very lightweight and made of aluminum body. It performs easy operation through inbuilt testing software, membrane keyboard and alphanumeric back-lit display.

Company also deals with a variety of Gas Analyzer for analyzing different types of gases along with analysis systems. Adaptation to diverse system solutions or conditions of complex measuring tasks – they have the perfect analyzing machine. They have many skilled professionals that help you in your requirements and offer the appropriate assistance. For more information, you can check their website and also read reviews of experts.


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