Brightness Meter – Easy and Accurate

A brightness meter can be used to measure the brightness, whiteness & yellowness of paper, Brightness meter cellulose & other materials such as porcelain & plastics. It also uses to measure different colors. The portable equipment for the professional use is especially suitable for the quality control as they obey ISO standards.


A brightness meter stands-out by its easy handling, high accuracy, compact & ergonomic design along with a high-resolution display. Any brightness meter you can purchase comes with a sturdy carrying case, instruction manual & some other accessories as well. You can also buy various optional accessories that make dealing with a brightness meter easier, even if you’re not an expert user.

Haze meter is a device that measures both the reflection haze & gloss at the similar time. It not just provides precise results, but saves a lot of time of a user as well. The haze meter is perfect for on-site testing or for ensuring quality control on production line. Haze meter has several benefits that include:

  • Ability to connect to any printer / personal computer directly.
  • Portable enough.


The Basic Melt Flow Indexer, also abbreviated as ‘MFI’, is a reasonable price tabletop instrument which is used to test melt flow resistance or MFR of a wide range of the thermo-plastic materials.



The Melt Flow Indexer conforms to the entire National & International melt-flow resistance standards, which include BS EN ISO 1133 as well as ASTM D1238. Any of the temperatures within 120°C to 450°C (248°F to 842°F) can be accurately measured and controlled.


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