Halogen Moisture Analyzer for Moisture Examination

Halogen Moisture Analyzer helps to analyze precision moisture content of samples. It determines the exact level of moisture in high level & trace moisture contents in the solids, liquids and gases. A wide arena of the industries has moisture examination as a key factor in the Quality Control. The application areas for the purpose are innumerable like food, dairy, pharma, plastic, paper, heat treatment process, cosmetics, textile, chemical, cement, construction, waste water treatment plants, tobacco, sewerage sludge, wood etc. The list is infinite.


For the industries where they certify correct moisture content is to make use of a moisture analyzer that is popularly termed as moisture balance. Halogen Moisture Analyzer helps to analyze the level of moisture content in a product being examined. This device is use to determine if the moisture-content in any particular thing is too high or too low. It helps significantly in the process of quality control.


Halogen Moisture Analyzer uses drying process for extracting and measuring moisture & show that in percentage unit. It is a simple three step process. The sample is properly placed in drying chamber, the parameters of drying process are entered on keypad or from preset process library made by the user & then the process of analysis begins. This device calculates the level of moisture content & compares the original weight of that sample to the weight when drying is complete.

Using moisture balance anyone can make sure the precise results in moisture content examination. The precision in the results significantly depends on Right Heating technology chosen along with the accuracy of balance. But nevertheless, Halogen Moisture Analyzer responds well just when the user confirms perfect sample preparation & chooses the right set-up options. Since there’re various factors that can affect the accuracy of results, it’s the operators who can turn Moisture Analyzer appropriately support their objective.