Portable Gas Detector – Its Types

Portable Gas Detector, also referred as gas alert monitors, is actually a device that helps in gas detection. It’s a kind of safety device that is used in the commercial spaces, industries and the households. When the gas detector monitor senses the presence of any kind of gas in the air beyond permissible level, the alarm rings. It’s a very handy device that can prevent damages & save lives, particularly in those areas which make extensive usage of the harmful gases.

Several types of portable gas detector are available in market like:

Single Gas Detector- As the name propose, this kind of gas detector is capable of sensing the presence of just one gas type at any given time. It isn’t exactly as multipurpose as the detectors which can detect many gases at a time but it’s still a great option for those places where single gas is used like households. It is quite easy to use & relatively inexpensive. Along with the portable models, you can explore the fixed models, wireless fixed models, area detectors & more.


Multi-Gas Detector- As already specified, single portable gas detector can detect the existence of just one type of gas in a time. However, it isn’t very versatile & not a great option for the places where several gases are utilized. In order to evade any potential dangers, the industries require a gas detector which can detect many gases at a time. The modern gas monitors are designed by making use of advanced technology & they can ring alarm at the occurrence/existence of different kinds of gases. Portable gas detector is also available which can be taken to those areas where fixed-ones can’t be installed.


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