Melting Point Tester- Advanced Technology

The automatic melting point tester is a device that uses the latest technique in digital image processing, to correctly identify the melt of few samples simultaneously. It comes with a color VGA display. Melt can be watches on this in real time. It can capture the melt video for later use as well.


The melting point tester is a fully programmable device that is used via touch screen display.  Once you have set the plateau temperature, it can select the ramp rate increments. During use, a collection of preset methods can be developed to streamline the process input for repeat measurements. For the materials where the user is uninformed of an estimated melting point, & therefore unable in setting the plateau temperature, melting point tester can be used in quick melt mode. During quick melt mode a rapid scan of the total temperature range is commenced to provide an approx. melt temperature. A method, then, will be programmed automatically with the suitable plateau temperature to let a more precise measurement to be carried-out.

The melting point tester has an innovative design concept, it can be used as control or normal side & the melt side can be detached, allowing for the utmost in footprint flexibility. After loading the samples, the melt side of the device can be placed in a fume cupboard or at back of the bench to catch potentially dangerous fumes. Once melting point tester been split, its control panel side is available for making use in 2 orientations; either portrait or landscape to allow perfect viewing angle.


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