Microwave Digestion for Different Samples

Microwave is a technique which is used to dissolve the solid sample matrices into the aqueous liquid. This is simply achieved by placing a sample in the concentrated acid matrix in a closed vessel & exposing it to the microwave irradiation. The speed of thermal decomposition of a sample & the metal’s solubility are increased. Once the sample metal is in solution, it can be computed through the spectroscopic techniques. The Microwave digestion process routinely cuts the period of sample preparation by 60-75% % as compared to the hot block and hot plates.


Temperature measurement & control are the two most important parameters in microwave digestion. And with the help of suitable instrument, you can accurately measure the direct interior temperature of every vessel in the process of microwave digestion. It allows you to significantly simplify the whole process. This increased performance after using a suitable medium for microwave digestion will expand the use of it to new & more challenging applications.

Microwave Digestion increases the reaction rates while lessening the digestion times for sample preparation with the usage of sealed, high-temperature, high-pressure vessels. SKZ Industrial’s range of microwave digestion systems provides low cost solutions for quick, safe and easy sample preparation. This notable technique is ideal for the agricultural, environmental, petrochemical, nutrition, geochemistry, and clinical applications needing the trace metal analysis.

With simple and quick one-step operation, this cost efficient microwave digester combines your Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), ICP-AES, ICP-MS and Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy (AFS), digestions into intelligent and high-speed procedures. For more inquiry related to your questions, you can read reviews on internet and get complete assistance.


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