Microwave Digestion for Industrial Purpose

The Microwave Digestion system offered by SKZ Industrial represents a masterstroke of engineering. The newly designed Microwave Digestion has Directed Multimode DMC Cavity that provides the best of both multimode and mono mode microwaves.

Microwave digestion

  • As in a mono mode system, the microwave digestion is directed to the sample, offering highly efficient heating in the small-footprint system.
  • As in a multimode system, more than 1 sample can be easily digested in a single run. Because of the effective turbo cooling process, the unique cooling times as short as ten minutes for a completely loaded 12-position rotor are possible. With the ‘Smart Vent’ technology, Microwave Digestion is the most convenient lab instrument available on the market for multipurpose use.

The microwave digestion presented by SKZ Industrial is equipped with the two 1000 Watt magnetrons for total 1900 Watt and making it one of the most powerful microwave digestion systems available for sample preparation.

This system additionally employs a spinning diffuser which evenly distributes the microwaves all through the cavity. Microwave digestion power is coupled with the diffuser that enables extremely fast heating throughout the propellers and the comprehensive digestion of the grimmest samples.

Microwave digestion 1

This microwave digestion is suitable for both microwave solvent extraction and microwave acid digestion in the similar microwave platform. It features a full stainless steel pressure-responsive door having an innovative opening with a self-resealing mechanism for the optimum safety of operation in case of unexpected over pressurization of the cavity.

The new Microwave digestion is equipped with the state of the art yet easy-to-use reaction sensors. The definite temperature of every vessel is continuously shown on the control terminal of the instrument during the microwave run. For more details, you should visit company’s website.

For More Info: http://www.skzindustrial.com/skzmd01-microwave-digestion/


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