Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer- a Must have Scientific Equipment

Thermo gravimetric analyzer is an incredible apparatus for measuring the altering weight of a sample as the function of temperature as well as time including a support, a round chamber mounted on support. It also has a weight responsive means that is in the upper chamber having single horizontally disposed limb adapted to get a sample at extremity responsive for measuring the temperature of provided sample.

The horizontally disposed arm of Thermo gravimetric analyzer preferably include a member adapted to receive the provided sample at the end and a 2nd member of similar material linked to another end. The connection being effected by the expansion clip that compensates for any change in the length of the initial member with the changes in temperature.

Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer

Thermo gravimetric analyzer measures the changes in weight of the sample under the investigation at very controlled temperature. Basically, its analysis involves the measurement of the sample’s as a function of time or temperature or both. In several cases, the change in the weight of sample can also be affected by the gradual flow of a gas like oxygen, air, etcetera. over the sample.

The apparatus is useful to determine the thermal decomposition of the organic & inorganic compounds, roasting, calcination of minerals, solid-state reactions, thermochemical reactions of the ceramics & ceramic-coated metals, petroleum & wood, pyrolysis of coal, determination of moisture, volatiles & ash, absorption, adsorption & desorption properties of the materials, corrosion of metals, rates of evaporation & sublimation of materials etc. along with their latent heats & the thermal degradation of the synthetic and natural materials.

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