Portable Gas Detector – Its Types

Portable Gas Detector, also referred as gas alert monitors, is actually a device that helps in gas detection. It’s a kind of safety device that is used in the commercial spaces, industries and the households. When the gas detector monitor senses the presence of any kind of gas in the air beyond permissible level, the alarm rings. It’s a very handy device that can prevent damages & save lives, particularly in those areas which make extensive usage of the harmful gases.

Several types of portable gas detector are available in market like:

Single Gas Detector- As the name propose, this kind of gas detector is capable of sensing the presence of just one gas type at any given time. It isn’t exactly as multipurpose as the detectors which can detect many gases at a time but it’s still a great option for those places where single gas is used like households. It is quite easy to use & relatively inexpensive. Along with the portable models, you can explore the fixed models, wireless fixed models, area detectors & more.


Multi-Gas Detector- As already specified, single portable gas detector can detect the existence of just one type of gas in a time. However, it isn’t very versatile & not a great option for the places where several gases are utilized. In order to evade any potential dangers, the industries require a gas detector which can detect many gases at a time. The modern gas monitors are designed by making use of advanced technology & they can ring alarm at the occurrence/existence of different kinds of gases. Portable gas detector is also available which can be taken to those areas where fixed-ones can’t be installed.

Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester for Industrial Use

Martindale Abrasion & Pilling Tester is used for checking the abrasion besides pilling resistance of fabrics. SKZ Industrial provides you the high-quality Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester that is calibrated & available at affordable price. It consists of 4 testing plates where the grazing fabrics is attached, these 4-testing table are well mounted on base plate of this instrument. There’s revolving plate that revolves with the help of 3 cranks, motor and pegs.



There are 4 sleeves attached on revolving plates. The holders for the abrasion and pilling testing are offered with the instrument. There’s a set of weights for the proper pressure on test specimens. The templates for the cutting of samples and abrading cloth as well as their mallet are also provided as the standard accessory.


Some of the salient features of Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester are-

  • Operative speed ratio of the outer pegs towards inner pegs
  • Four specimen can be examined at the same time.
  • Maximum load it can hold is 790g (corresponding to the pressure of 12KN/m2)
  • Include stainless-steel balls.
  • Top Plate made of Acrylic for safety
  • Easy reset counter
  • Excellent testing performance
  • Synchronous motor speed
  • Longer service life
  • Suitable for all kind of fabrics
  • The measurement procedure is unavoidably generate scan & reports that can be printed

The technical Specification of Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester comprise of

  • No. of heads – 4
  • Working pressure on the test specimen – 3 KPA, 6KPA, 9KPA & 12 KPA (4 numbers each)
  • Exposed test specimen area – 6.45 cm2
  • Maximum pressure available – 12 KPA (790 grams)
  • Drive speed ratio of inner and outer peg – 32:34

Halogen Moisture Analyzer for Moisture Examination

Halogen Moisture Analyzer helps to analyze precision moisture content of samples. It determines the exact level of moisture in high level & trace moisture contents in the solids, liquids and gases. A wide arena of the industries has moisture examination as a key factor in the Quality Control. The application areas for the purpose are innumerable like food, dairy, pharma, plastic, paper, heat treatment process, cosmetics, textile, chemical, cement, construction, waste water treatment plants, tobacco, sewerage sludge, wood etc. The list is infinite.


For the industries where they certify correct moisture content is to make use of a moisture analyzer that is popularly termed as moisture balance. Halogen Moisture Analyzer helps to analyze the level of moisture content in a product being examined. This device is use to determine if the moisture-content in any particular thing is too high or too low. It helps significantly in the process of quality control.


Halogen Moisture Analyzer uses drying process for extracting and measuring moisture & show that in percentage unit. It is a simple three step process. The sample is properly placed in drying chamber, the parameters of drying process are entered on keypad or from preset process library made by the user & then the process of analysis begins. This device calculates the level of moisture content & compares the original weight of that sample to the weight when drying is complete.

Using moisture balance anyone can make sure the precise results in moisture content examination. The precision in the results significantly depends on Right Heating technology chosen along with the accuracy of balance. But nevertheless, Halogen Moisture Analyzer responds well just when the user confirms perfect sample preparation & chooses the right set-up options. Since there’re various factors that can affect the accuracy of results, it’s the operators who can turn Moisture Analyzer appropriately support their objective.

Portable Gas Detector for Industrial and Residential Safety

The professionals who work in hazardous environment require safety gears & devices for keeping themselves safe from the unforeseen danger. They make use of safety gears & devices according to the needs of industries they’re working in. Portable Gas Detector are safety devices which are used for the detection of any kind of gas leakage in atmosphere. This Portable Gas Detector is available for both the industrial and domestic usage.

Portable Gas Detector has gas monitor & a ring alarm when the existence of any certain gas in the air goes above the acceptable levels. Portable Gas Detector is extremely helpful to notify the workers about the any kind of leakage of detrimental gases before they can cause any damage to the staffs working in that particular area.

While it comes to buy a Portable Gas Detector, the marketplace is flooded with lots of solutions. Thus, you can easily purchase a portable gas detector monitor which meets your needs. You have two main types of gas detectors mentioned here: –

Single Gas Monitor- As the name proposes, a single gas detection monitor is used to detect just one particular fume / gas at a time. If you go and check the layers of history, you’ll find that it was the very first gas detector which was used for the industrial purposes. Though came to the market long back, single gas monitor is still equally very popular even today & is the initial choice for the domestic use. Single gas detectors are available in the fixed models, wireless fixed gas point models, portable models & many more designs.

Multiple Gas Monitor- Unlike single gas detection monitors, these detectors can detect the existence of multiple gases in a place at a time. Multiple detection monitors are quite useful in mines & industries where there’re multiple gases present at a time. They’re available from a single design to many sophisticated designs. people can also purchase portable multi-gas detection monitors which can be carried any place without any kind of problem.

The most common form of Portable Gas Detector monitor is Gas-Alert Max XT 2 that can detect gases like Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Combustible Gases, Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Oxygen (O2). It is completely compatible with the Micro Dock II automated assessment & calibration system. Gas-Alert Max XT 2 can be bought easily these days from the market. You can buy it online. However, if you buy it through e-shopping, you can easily save both time & money as the leading companies offering safety goods online provide a huge discount and rate concessions on their equipment. So, now, what’re you waiting for? Go online and lookout for the best suited products for your chore.

Brightness Meter – Easy and Accurate

A brightness meter can be used to measure the brightness, whiteness & yellowness of paper, Brightness meter cellulose & other materials such as porcelain & plastics. It also uses to measure different colors. The portable equipment for the professional use is especially suitable for the quality control as they obey ISO standards.


A brightness meter stands-out by its easy handling, high accuracy, compact & ergonomic design along with a high-resolution display. Any brightness meter you can purchase comes with a sturdy carrying case, instruction manual & some other accessories as well. You can also buy various optional accessories that make dealing with a brightness meter easier, even if you’re not an expert user.

Haze meter is a device that measures both the reflection haze & gloss at the similar time. It not just provides precise results, but saves a lot of time of a user as well. The haze meter is perfect for on-site testing or for ensuring quality control on production line. Haze meter has several benefits that include:

  • Ability to connect to any printer / personal computer directly.
  • Portable enough.


The Basic Melt Flow Indexer, also abbreviated as ‘MFI’, is a reasonable price tabletop instrument which is used to test melt flow resistance or MFR of a wide range of the thermo-plastic materials.



The Melt Flow Indexer conforms to the entire National & International melt-flow resistance standards, which include BS EN ISO 1133 as well as ASTM D1238. Any of the temperatures within 120°C to 450°C (248°F to 842°F) can be accurately measured and controlled.

Buy Gas Analyzer, Moisture Meter and Crush Tester Here

A reliable Moisture Meter is pre-requisite for the good storage. From several moisture meters available in the market, SKZ Industrial has selected “crush type” Moisture Meter that can handle most ordinary commodities like as paddy, coffee and corn.

This handheld device gives accurate readouts of the moisture levels for several types of grains in few seconds. Hence, this Moisture Meter helps the users to determine if the precise commodity is at required moisture level. This apparatus comes in very handy case & is a very reliable instrument to measure moisture whilst out on the field. It is very portable and has temperature compensation. It has electrical resistance method. The measurements obtained are easy, fast and accurate.

The Crush Tester offered by the company determines compression strength of the corrugated board, its components & small packages for the quality control along with R&D. Used as separate unit; the Crush Tester is operated through a given intuitive menu. Data that is obtained can be viewed on the LCD directly or can be transferred to local printer / host PC through serial or parallel output. It is very lightweight and made of aluminum body. It performs easy operation through inbuilt testing software, membrane keyboard and alphanumeric back-lit display.

Company also deals with a variety of Gas Analyzer for analyzing different types of gases along with analysis systems. Adaptation to diverse system solutions or conditions of complex measuring tasks – they have the perfect analyzing machine. They have many skilled professionals that help you in your requirements and offer the appropriate assistance. For more information, you can check their website and also read reviews of experts.

A Wide Range of Quality Industrial Equipment to Choose From

The Gas Analyzer allows the extent and measurement of the respiratory gas concentration absorptions from tiny insects to humans. It has an infrared CO2 sensor with an optical oxygen detector.

Gas analyzers, detectors and sensors are safety equipment used in the commercial, medical, industrial and many other industries. Normally, such devices play main role in offering life safety & to avoid fire break-outs by uninterruptedly monitoring and analyzing the concentration of toxic gases in several end user industries. Therefore, gas analyzers are used for the measurement and monitoringof the concentration as well as quantity of single / multi gases in the combination of gases, thus providing sufficient safety to the life. Based on several working principle technology, these devices are classified into Catalytic, Zirconia, Electrochemical, and Infrared, metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS), Electrochemical, Infrared, Photo Ionization Detection (PID) etc. Each of these technologies has its own exceptional features having respective application and detection range. Demand for such devices is prejudiced by growing awareness of combustible and poisonous gases in environment as well as government regulations to offer human safety.

Along with gas analyzers, SKZ industrial offers a wide range of moisturemeter and crush tester. These apparatus are very helpful in industrial purposes. SKZ is carved a position as a prominent organization to offer superior quality range of Crush Tester. They are used for checking the leaks and cracks of desired machine / device and are manufactured making use of best quality components by the dexterous workforce. To maintain their compliance with global norms of quality, these devicesare meticulously checked by the quality auditors. Moreover, SKZ Industrial offers this Crush Tester in several technical specifications for their esteemed customers to choose from.

Find The Quality Moisture Meter and Tensile Strength Tester

SKZ Industrial has built a great reputation on offering consumers having the right system at right price, & supporting that with ongoing client support and service. They service industry requirements as wide & varied as coal mining, air pollution, on-line processes, agricultural research, refineries and greenhouse gas emissions.

Production and Design

Installing the precise Gas Analyzer for your requirements will save time & money of your company. Their years of extensive know-how and experience give them a benefit in designing the best and the finest custom system for the requirement of industry. With top on the list products providing an extensive range of advantages, they’ll consider your requirements carefully and recommend you the most apposite gas detection system. Their range comprises full line of pin-less and pin moisture meters, packages and associated accessories.


SKZ Industrial only deals with the topmost quality manufacturers from China and abroad. Using their wide variety of suppliers they can modify package the most suitable gas analyzer system for your necessities. Some types of equipment they supply are:

  • Gas monitoring sampling systems
  • Moisture Meter
  • Gas conditioning systems
  • Tensile Strength Tester
  • Process online analyzers
  • Confined space personal & fixed gas monitors
  • Fixed gas monitors including plant rooms and car parks

For more information you can visit the company’s website. You can also visit products & applications page for further details on the available range of industrial systems.

Installation and Commissioning

Their qualified instrumentation and electrical technicians can handle installation and commissioning your gas analyzer (gas detection system) as per stipulations as well as making sure that the site standards are signed off and me

Get Hi-Tech and Accurate Moisture Meter, Gas Analyzers and Tensile Strength Tester Here

SKZ Industries deals with a wide range of industry products which are very useful in performing several tasks. Their chief products are Tensile Strength Tester, testing instrument for paper, textile, and liquid, cardboard, plastic, rubber and pulps, Gas Analyzer, thermal analysis, moisture meter etc.

Their continuous flue gas analyzer is water proof and sturdy. They’re able to work in varying temperatures from minimum -22oF to over maximum100oF having the proper weather package selections. They can be modified also with more filtration devices to get improved sample quality.

SKZ gas analyzers use trusted high-volume pumps for fast analysis times. In their stack gas analyzer, the sensors and detectors can reach 90% of the total reading in not more than 20-30 seconds in most of the cases.

SKZ also brings an extensive range of digital Moisture Meter that feature fast and accurate moisture analysis for variety of things including seeds, vegetables, fruits, wood & non-wood and many more. Their range comprises full line of pin-less and pin moisture meters, packages and associated accessories.

Each moisture meter kit supplied by SKZ is delivered with complete set of needed accessories, standard & spare-moisture measurement dashes, carrying case battery and operation manuals, etc.

They also deal with top quality tearing strength testers. This apparatus is accurate, high quality and low-cost tear testing falling pendulum instruments having analog display for determining the average force. This force is required for propagation of single-rip tongue-type tearing starting from a simple cut in paper, woven and non-woven, cardboard, plastics with the proper configuration. For more such useful instrument you can rely on the name of SKZ Industries, a leading brand in China and other Asian countries.

Gas Detector: Your Complete Safety Partner

Gas detector is used in industries and homes for spotting the presence of those harmful gases which can affect human being’s health. Several major industries make use of gases and substances that could be noxious in large quantities at home or the work place.


They should be monitored carefully to make sure that they do not leak and become a reason of any kind of damage. Gas detector is used in the congested spaces like mine shafts for detecting the levels of oxygen and warns the workers in the case of reaching extremely low levels. Because of their capability of continuously monitor the quality of air, they work quicker and faster than conventional smoke alarms. They can also use for detecting fire.

Unlike gas detectors, flue gas analyzer plays a vital role in field of ‘Environmental Chemistry’ today. The flue gas is byproduct of high temperature ignition boilers which is used in refining and cracking. SKZ Industries is a well-known name is the field of manufacturing these safety items and making their clients and customers completely satisfied with their products and services. Several other devices that made by SKZ Industries are gloss meter and haze meter.
Gloss meter, surprisingly enough, is a device which measures the gloss factor of several surfaces. Things like as how much reflection is given out by a particular surface & how light is spread, reflected and scattered through various surfaces. Haze Meter is a device which measures the haze value of an object which is ratio of diffused light versus total light that goes away through the object. For more such products you can take the service of SKZ which is a trusted name in the market.